Selling Back Textbooks

You can sell textbooks and novels to VBC for immediate CASH on the spot.
(note: you should only sell back books that you own and not rental books)
Sellback Info:
  • sellback is available year round during our store hours
  • in addition to textbooks & novels, VBC buys certain calculator models
    • REQUIREMENTS: must power on and have all their applicable pieces such as covers/cases, battery compartment covers, and charging cords (if not solar or battery powered).Calculator display screens must be free of any cracks, dead pixels, or any other damage
  • VBC buys certain looseleaf editions (reduced cost books printed by publisher without traditional binding and instead come with pre-punched holes for putting inside a 3-ring binder)
  • VBC does not discuss any sellback information or quotes over the phone or email. You must bring the item(s) to our store so we can check our national wholesaler database along with various other factors. The prices, demand, and requirements listed in this database change frequently
  • VBC does not buy:
    • international editions (global editions, editions published outside the U.S.)
    • instructor editions (instructor copies, evaluation/review/exam/desk copies)
    • custom books for schools outside VCU (these typically have the school and the course printed on the front cover. They have been customized for use in that particular class at that particular school ONLY)
    • access codes (access codes are single student use only. Any scratched, opened, exposed, or visible code is considered to be null whether it was actually registered or not. Some books that contain intact and non used access codes are worth more but we do not buy any access codes by themselves)
    • damaged books (books that have gotten wet, missing pages or covers, books with pages coming loose from binding, books with writing that exceeds the acceptable threshold set by wholesalers in the national database)
    • Books from libraries or other collections that are not recognized as officially discarded or withdrawn from their catalog
  • We are required to make a copy of the seller's picture ID for all sellback transactions totaling $100 or more. We also reserve the right to require and make a copy of seller's picture ID for any sellback transaction no matter the transaction total 
  • Sellback transactions are final
  • To prevent books from going into landfill, VBC collects books with no sellback value for various donation programs. Any books not donated are then sent to a recycling center