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Chemistry Student Lab Notebook (50 Sheets/Spiral Bound)

Chemistry Student Lab Notebook (50 Sheets/Spiral Bound)

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Hayden-McNeil Chemistry Lab Notebook

The notebook offers 50 pages of crisp, white, carbonless paper with perforation on the bottom page of each duplicate set. It opens with instructions for keeping a lab notebook, a customizable table of contents, and a Laboratory Safety agreement. 

The fold-over back cover is useful for separating duplicate sets of pages and includes chemistry-specific reference material including a full-color periodic table, Average Bond Energy of Single Bonds (kJ/mol), Vapor Pressure of Ice and Water at Various Temperatures, General Physical Constants, Shorthand Notations for Common Lab Reagents, Concentrated Acids and Bases Symbols and Values, Common Data Manipulations, Conversion Factors, and more.

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